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EmberPack™ FAQ's

What is EmberPack™

EmberPack™ bags are a paper bag with a good moisture resistance, good heat seal as well as good tear and puncture resistance. 

The bags are heat sealable using a standard heat sealer.

What is EmberPack™ made of

These bags are over 85% paper, with a thin plastic lining that enables them to be certified food safe, and heat sealable. No need for additional plastic zipper or metal and plastic tin tie. 

How do I recycle EmberPack™

EmberPack™ bags meet the Australia and New Zealand paper recycling standards. This means that these bags can be disposed of in local council kerbside paper recycling, if this available in your area. 

Where is EmberPack™ made? 

EmberPack™ bags are all made in New Zealand by family owned and operated businesses. 

Why choose recyclable paper bags? 

We know that paper recycling is one of the most widely adopted recycling methods - most local councils offer kerbside collection of paper and cardboard. Making a bag that is easier than ever to dispose of, means less bags end up in the landfill. 

Is EmberPack™ compostable?

No, EmberPack™ bags are not compostable. If you are interested in New Zealand made, home compostable packaging, check out our Econic Range 

What about the plastic lining?

The plastic lining component is a crucial part of these bags as it is what enables the bags to be certified for direct food contact. When these bags enter the recycling process, the paper and plastic are separated and processed individually. In an ideal world, we'd have a bag that is food safe, heat sealable and only paper, but at this stage we can offer the next best thing. 

Why is there no resealable zipper option?

The main reason for no plastic ziplock is in favour of making a bag that is better for our environment. Ziplock/resealable zippers are handy features, however, the additional plastic required to add these to the bags means they do not meet the paper recycling criteria once a zipper is added. Our over arching goal with EmberPack™ was as little plastic as possible.