Test out Home Compostable or Kerbside Recyclable Packaging by ordering a Sample Pack

Econic FAQ's

Is Econic New Zealand made?

All Econic packaging is made in New Zealand, in our family owned and operated Hamilton factory. They have been developing compostable packaging for over 25 years! And in 2020 Econic celebrated its 10th Birthday!

Do Econic products meet food safety requirements?

The manufacturers of Econic packaging are careful to ensure Econic meets all applicable food contact safety requirements: Each of the cellulose and cornstarch components has food contact status approval from the US FDA; and Econic bags are manufactured in a factory that has a HACCP approved food safety programme.

How do I seal my Econic bag?

You can seal Econic using any standard heat sealer. Econic provides equivalent sealing properties to standard petroleum-based films and should seal on your existing sealing equipment without any modification. Ideal sealing temperature is lower than normal plastic, and it may take a little longer, because the polymers are softer. You may need to increase the dwell time and lower the temperature by up to 40 degrees less than standard. Give the bags a test to see what works best. Click here for more technical information

What is Econic NOT suitable for?

  • No Econic bag is suitable for high temperature liquids such as sous vide cooking, or adding boiling water to.
  • Do not bring your Econic packaging into contact with Dry Ice.
  • Econic is not designed for storing liquids.
  • Always test your products in Econic by using a Sample Pack prior to full ordering.

Will Econic keep coffee fresh?

The superior shelf-life provided by Econic Kraft film was confirmed in 2013 during a 16-week shelf life trial led by a certified Q Coffee grader with the US Coffee Quality Institute. The trial validated the functionality of the degassing valves and demonstrated that Econic with these valves performs the same as the typical non-compostable plastic coffee packs sold into the supermarket trade.

Are Econic products suitable for coffee degassing?

Econic packaging is being successfully used by numerous roasters for fresh ground coffee and whole beans. Venting valves have been added to the our Coffee Bags to allow gases to be released from the packs. We recommend that you let your coffee rest before packing if possible.

    Do you collect used Econic bags for composting?

    Yes we can.  Please email our customer services team on econic@emberam.com to arrange this. 

    Do you offer custom sizes?

    Only the sizes that are listed are what’s available in our online store.

    Is there a Kraft bag with a resealable zipper?

    We are unable to offer the Kraft bag with a resealable zipper due to the technical complexity. We haven't given up yet though!

    Which Econic bag is best for Bath Salts?

    We recommend using our Econic Coffee range, as the one way valve allows for the release of any gasses during the storage of your bath salts.

    Can I get a discount on larger orders?

    Bulk buy any of our Econic products here and receive wholesale pricing. As of April 19th 2020, bags in Wholesale are purchased by the 500. To order 100 bags see our standard collections found on the homepage.

    I need more than 15,000 bags - can you help?

    We're proud to connect small to medium sized businesses with home compostable packaging at low MOQ's. 

    If you know you need home compostable packaging in larger volumes (15,000+) you can Contact Us direct for freight options

    Can I have my bags custom printed?

    We offer our digital custom print on Econic®Kraft bags and Econic®Snow Bags

    MOQ's for this are 100 bags per design and lead times are 10 days. Click here for more information

    What’s the difference between Convex and Econic?

    Econic® is an innovative high barrier home compostable packaging solution developed in New Zealand by the packaging company Convex.

    The Econic Online Store has innovated this incredible technology one step further and made it affordable for small to medium sized businesses to provide their customers with home-compostable packaging by removing minimum print run quantities.

    What’s your return/refund policy?

    Please view our refund policy here.