Test out Home Compostable or Kerbside Recyclable Packaging by ordering a Sample Pack

Compostable Packaging

Make a difference every day with compostable packaging from Ember Sustainable Packaging! At Ember Sustainable Packaging, we believe that every small step towards reducing waste can make a big difference in creating a more sustainable future. That's why we offer compostable packaging that helps make New Zealand a more environmentally-friendly place.

We understand that choosing the right packaging for your business can be a daunting task, which is why we supply a range of packaging options that suit your needs and are environmentally friendly, being compostable. From coffee bags NZ, fresh produce packaging, and resealable pouches, to vacuum bag packaging, we have a wide variety of packaging products that are perfect for a range of uses.

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Compostable Plastic Packaging

What sets us apart from other packaging suppliers is that all our packaging products are made in New Zealand, using only the highest quality packaging materials, with compostable and recyclable options being our focus. Our home compostable plastic packaging is designed to break down completely, leaving no harmful residue behind, so you can rest assured you're doing your part for the environment without sacrificing quality or convenience with compostable packaging.

Compostable Packaging
Compostable Packaging

One of our most popular packaging products is the Econic® Coffee Bag Sample Pack. The sample pack comprises 6-10 packaging bags from a variety of sizes within the selected range, featuring compostable packaging bags with their own unique features. The EcoClear™ Fresh Produce Bag is fully compostable, and an affordable and environmentally friendly option for packaging fresh salad greens, while the EmberPack coffee bag is made from paper and is a fully recyclable packaging solution.

Our sample packaging packs are a great way to try out our compostable packaging, locating the best compostable options for your packaging needs.

Custom Printed Compostable Food Packaging

If you're looking for custom printed plastic bags, we also offer that service for our compostable food storage options. Our custom print Econic® compostable Coffee Bags are a great way to get your branding on your packaging while still being environmentally responsible with food packaging options. We use water-based inks and the highest-quality packaging printing techniques to ensure your packaging looks great and is fully compostable.

Custom printing your bags with our Econic® Coffee Bags is a fantastic opportunity for your business to showcase its unique branding on packaging while also being environmentally conscious. Not only will water-based inks and our high-quality packaging printing techniques result in stunning packaging, but it will also convey your business's commitment to sustainability to your customers with compostable packaging selections.

Moreover, custom printing on packaging allows you to differentiate your products and make a lasting impression on your customers. By having your logo and design prominently displayed on your packaging, you are creating brand recognition and increasing brand awareness. Placing the logo and design onto compostable packaging can help build customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

Additionally, custom packaging printing gives you the flexibility to choose the colours, images, and text that best represents your brand. This personalised touch for your packaging can help make your products stand out on store shelves and appeal to your target audience. Custom printing your compostable packaging with us not only shows your commitment to the environment but also offers numerous benefits for your business, including increased brand recognition, differentiation, and customer appeal.

Practical Compostable Packaging

We understand that convenience is important for your business, which is why all of our packaging products are designed with practicality in mind. Our fresh produce packaging, such as the EcoClear™ Fresh Produce Bags, are perfect for keeping your short shelf life, leafy greens and other vegetables fresh while still being compostable. Our Econic® Resealable Pouches, are great for keeping your products fresh and can be used for a range of items, from snacks to pet food.

Environmental Sustainability Through Packaging

At Ember Sustainable Packaging, we are firm in our conviction that even the smallest transformations can have a significant impact on the environment. By opting for our compostable packaging, not only are you taking a step towards being environmentally responsible, but you are also demonstrating to your customers your commitment to the well-being of our planet.

Our belief is that sustainability should be within reach for all, and that's why we provide our packaging products at cost-effective prices.

By selecting our Ember Sustainable Packaging compostable plastic packaging, you are not only making a positive contribution to the planet, but you are also sending a message to your customers that you are concerned about the world in which we live. Sustainability should be attainable for everyone, and it is our goal to offer our packaging products that are compostable, at reasonable and competitive prices.

Ember Sustainable Packaging

We understand switching to compostable packaging can be a big decision for your business. That's why we offer a range of sample compostable packs to help you try our packaging products before committing to a larger order. We're also happy to answer any questions so you can find the right products for your specific needs.

So if you're looking for high-quality, environmentally responsible packaging for your NZ business, look no further than Ember Sustainable Packaging. Browse our range of compostable plastic packaging today and take the first step towards a more sustainable future.