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How to Seal Your Econic Bags

All our Econic packaging can be sealed using a standard heat sealer. 

Compostable films are more sensitive than traditional plastics, so you may have to work with different temperatures and dwell times when you first start, to find the optimum seal process for your machine and the Econic film. We suggest starting out with a lower temperature than traditional plastics, and a longer dwell time.

The yellow line below represents traditional oil based packaging The red and blue are our Econic products. 

how to seal

Sealing information for EmberPack bags coming soon

Econic Vacuum bags - what sealer should I use?

Econic vacuum bags have been designed for commercial use. This means you'll need a vacuum sealer with a snorkel or nozzle, or a chamber style machine in order to achieve a good vacuum seal. 
Check out how it works with a chamber sealer below
Not sure if you've got the right sealer? Email us to talk to the team econic@emberam.com