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June 14-18th 2021
This week we have the opportunity to join the conversation about HPP at a global online conference. 
What is HPP? 
High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a food and beverage preservation method that utilises the combination of water and high pressure rather than heat. By applying a uniform pressure to a product in its final packaging the equivalent effect to pasteurisation can be achieved. 
Why is this exciting for Econic®
Compostable films are more sensitive than traditional plastics, and are unable to withstand the same high temperature conditions. This means that hot filling in an Econic® bag is not possible, which makes it challenging to use Econic® for certain food types and manufacturing processes. 
HPP as a process offers a solution that is both applicable for more products, and suitable for compostable films, by removing the need for high heats that can damage both the finished product, and the compostable packaging.  
Want to know more? 
Join the conversation for HPP Innovation Week and listen to Owen and Cyrano discuss compostable films and the innovations that got Econic® to where it is today. It's also a great opportunity to hear about the current challenges we face in compostable films, and what we're looking to solve for next!

Learn More about HPP Innovation Week

Our sustainability journey hasn’t always been smooth, especially in the early years when developing compostable packaging made zero commercial sense. Back then, the raw materials were hugely expensive and really challenging to work with, and there was almost no demand for eco-friendly alternatives.  We persevered because we’ve always known that sustainable packaging is critical for our future. After 25 years investigating hundreds of sustainable materials, and actively trialing countless dozens, we’ve gained a huge amount of expertise running these types of films and making them functional.

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