Test out Home Compostable or Kerbside Recyclable Packaging by ordering a Sample Pack

Compostable Packaging

Econic® Vacuum Bag Sample Pack

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See for yourself how Econic®  can be your compostable packaging solution.

Each Sample pack contains a combined total of 6-10 bags from the various sizes in the selected range. 

In your vacuum bag sample pack:

    • Econic®Clear Compostable Vacuum Pack - Small 
    • Econic®Clear Compostable Vacuum Pack - Large
    • Econic®Clear Compostable Vacuum Pack - XL (2kg)
    • Econic®Clear Compostable Vacuum Pack - XXL (3kg)
    • Econic®Clear/Black Compostable Vacuum Pack - Small 
    • Econic®Clear/Black Compostable Vacuum Pack - Large

    As Econic films are designed for commercial use, they do not come with the perforated or ridged interiors seen on home standard vacuum bags. This is because we want to give our customers the best performing product we can.

    What this means for you is that you’ll need a vacuum sealer, that has an industrial snorkel / nozzle attachment, or a chamber style machine. This ensures that there is a proper vacuum created in the bag right up to the moment it is sealed. 

    Important note: If you have non-compostable labels on your Econic bags, you will need to peel these off before composting the bag.

    Shipping: orders will be dispatched within 3 business days. Allow up to 10 working days for International Shipping. Delivery to rural areas may take an extra 3-5 days.   

    Please note that products will be supplied within generally accepted manufacturing industry standards of +/- 10% of specifications.