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What Exactly Are Coffee Bags and How Can You Use Them?

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Coffee. It’s one of those things that millions of New Zealanders enjoy, either as a quick pick-me-up in the morning or a lovely treat when they’re relaxing. Of course, coffee is made from beans or coffee grounds, and those ingredients need to be safely stored in good coffee bags in order to keep your NZ coffee fresh and tasty.

If you make and sell your own coffee beans, then you’ll need to have some good packaging to keep it fresh, even if you have to ship your products to people all over New Zealand or beyond. But you also know that wasteful fossil fuel-based packaging can cause a lot of extra waste. How do you know what to pick?

The answer is simple: choose Econic’s incredible packaging that is fully compostable and made from sustainable materials. These bags help you get your delicious coffee to your customers without contributing to the world’s pollution problem.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Why every coffee maker should consider these coffee bags for their NZ coffee.
  • What you should take away after reading this article.
  • How you can start your sustainable packaging journey today.

Why Should I Use These Bags for My Coffee?

If you’ve looked up your packaging options, then you’ve most likely found several types of packaging that you can use for your products. Why should you choose Econic’s?

You should know that Econic’s bags have an edge over the competition because:

They’re Sustainable. We make sure to create our bags using good, sustainable materials. When you use these bags, you can relish the fact that you are taking a step towards a better future. Rather than trying to cut corners with cheaper, more wasteful products, you’re making a smart choice and doing your part to make the world a cleaner, happier place.

They Can Be Customised. Branding plays a huge part in getting your company noticed. So, why not customise your coffee bags with your own unique NZ look? Our bags can be printed with your one-of-a-kind logo or messages. Stylish bags add to your coffee’s appeal and can increase your customer’s brand loyalty.

Custom printing is also a great choice because it eliminates the need for stickers or labels. Please note that if you do choose to use stickers or labels, they may need to be removed from the bag before composting if they are not compostable themselves.

They’re Compostable. As mentioned above, they’re compostable! That means that when you or your customers are fully done enjoying your delicious coffee, they can put their empty bags into a compost bin or worm farm and let them decay naturally. This process eliminates waste and gives you a great source of organic fertiliser.

They’re Designed To Seal In Freshness. Like many other types of food, coffee beans can go stale after a while. Improper packaging or bad storage can make your beans flavourless and stale.

This is why you should absolutely always invest in well-designed packaging. Econic’s sustainable coffee bags are perfect for NZ coffee because they’re designed to seal in the freshness of your coffee. So, you’ll no longer have to worry about your coffee quickly going stale and bland when it’s being shipped or stored.

They’re Affordable. Along with being sustainable, compostable, customisable and well-designed, Econic bags are affordable! We have several options available so that you can select a product package that fulfils your specific needs.

Or, if you are still on the fence and aren’t sure that you want to use our bags or not, we encourage you to check out our sample pack. This option comes with several bags so that you can see what we have to offer. If you like what you see in the sample pack, we encourage you to try our other options as well.

What Should I Keep In Mind When I Browse Through My Options?

Econic coffee bags are one of your best sustainable packaging choices in NZ! As you consider your options, remember that our bags:

  • Are sustainable and compostable, meaning they’re very eco-friendly.
  • Are customisable. Get your own brand’s logo printed on the bags themselves!
  • Are available in a convenient sample pack form. If you don’t want to commit to our packaging just yet, check out one of these sample packs.

How Can I Get My Own Affordable, Compostable Bags In New Zealand?

To get your journey into compostable packaging started, come and see our online shop! Econic packaging has bags for coffee, produce, dry goods and more. We put thought and care into every one of our designs, and we encourage you to check us out.

Do you have any questions about our products or policies? Then give our team a call at +6421 555 204. We’d love to hear from you!

Treat your coffee and the world right with excellent Econic packaging.