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The Power Of Recyclable Packaging: How It Benefits The Environment And Your Business

We’ve all learned about the importance of recycling, but this can go beyond just separating your garbage into the right bins - did you know you can get excellent recyclable packaging for your business? By doing this, you can encourage your customers and the world to make smarter choices for the world.

Every little bit counts, and by using sustainable packaging for your products, you’re doing your part to pave the way for a much brighter and better future. Plus, high-quality, sustainable packaging looks amazing and can make your business look exceptionally reputable.

You most likely have some questions if you’re used to standard, non-recyclable materials that are made with plastic.

Why You Should Use Recyclable Packaging For Your Products

Does sustainable packaging really make a difference? Yes, it really does! For you, your business, your customers and the world.

Sustainable packaging can strongly benefit you because:

Eco-Friendly Packaging Tends To Be More Efficient. Sustainable packaging manufacturers tend to design their products in a way that allows them to minimise the materials they need for each package. In general, the more materials used, the more expensive each unit will be and the more waste each unit will produce.

Sustainable packaging manufacturers, like us at Ember Sustainable Packaging, create products that are efficient and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Our bags use the amount of materials they need without being cumbersome or wasteful.

Plus, a minimal use of materials means that the bags will biodegrade faster when disposed of.

It’s Easy To Dispose Of Ethically. Recyclable packaging can be thrown out with your newspapers and cardboard recycling without introducing more waste to the world. This isn’t just extremely convenient for you, it’s also wonderful for the environment and New Zealand.

Most non-recyclable packaging needs to be thrown in a waste basket, where it could end up rotting in a landfill and contributing more to our problem with excessive waste and pollution. Even though it’s easy to toss something in the bin and forget about it, this isn’t a great thing to do if you want to do your part to keep the world clean and healthy.

These small choices can have a big impact on the world. Once your customers are used to using new, recyclable packaging, they’ll wonder why they didn’t start using it earlier.

It’s Easily Customisable With Non-Toxic Inks. Every smart business person knows that effective branding can do wonders for your business. You most likely do your best to place your brand’s logo in areas where it’ll be easily seen and noticed by your customers - so why not have your logo printed directly onto your eco-friendly packaging?

Ember Sustainable Packaging has a custom printing service that allows you to do just that. You can have your Econic Kraft or Snow bags printed with your logo, nutrition facts and anything else you’d like your customers to see.

This is a charming way to make your brand stand out. Plus, you won’t have to deal with creating and adding labels or stickers to all of your products because your info is printed right on the bags.

The ink we use for our recyclable packaging is non-toxic and does not affect the recyclability of our bags. So, your customers can still toss their empty bags in their paper recycling without worrying about any extra steps.

It Makes Your Business Look Good. Aside from the great, practical benefits that affect you and the world, sustainable packaging is also advantageous because it makes your business look good. You should always strive to make your brand look trustworthy and dependable!

Customers will see that you use eco-friendly packaging and realise that you’re a sensible person who doesn’t just care about profits; you also care about the quality of your products and the well-being of your customers and New Zealand. That’ll make it easier for them to relate to you and your cause.

This will make more people want to support you and your business. While you can happily sell your goods, your customers can happily enjoy them while feeling great about their choices.

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