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The Journey Of Recyclable Packaging: From Collection To Reuse

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People all across the world know that going green and using recyclable packaging is the future, but not many people think about the lifecycle of this type of packaging. We often use the packaging and then toss it in the recycling bin without a second thought.

But have you ever thought about what happens to the packaging after that? Or what about how it was created in the first place?

Fully understanding the life cycle of reusable packaging can help you know just how important it is to the world.

How Packaging Is Collected And Reused

There are several steps in the creation process for any kind of product. Many people think the most impact a product has on the world is when it’s tossed out and becomes rubbish. However, every stage of the creation process has an environmental impact.

For example, the initial materials to create products must be collected. This can include cutting trees, processing metal and so on. Doing this has an effect on the world. Paper is originally created by chopping down trees, transporting them to paper mills and processing them into pulp that is turned into paper.

Once recyclable paper packaging is created and used, it is tossed into a recycling bin, and the paper’s journey can begin anew.

This journey involves these steps:

Step 1: Collection. Local services that are responsible for managing recyclable materials set out to collect recyclable materials from businesses and residences.

Step 2: Sorting. Once materials are collected, they are properly sorted according to what kind of material they are. They are usually separated into categories such as paper, plastic, glass and metal. Different materials have different recycling methods, so this sorting process is crucial.

Step 3: Recycling. After all the materials are sorted correctly, the recycling process can begin. This involves processing materials so that they can be used again as if they were brand new. A unique property of recyclable packaging is that it’s designed in a way to make it easier to recycle.

For example, paper packaging is sorted by type and then shredded. The shredded paper is then mixed with water and other ingredients to form a pulp. The pulp is pressed, dried and formed into new sheets of paper.

Step 4: Reuse. Now that the paper has been processed into new sheets of paper, it can be used as it normally would. This paper can be transformed into recyclable paper packaging once again.

Then, once the packaging is used up and ready to be tossed out, the entire cycle can be started again.

The life cycle of recyclable packaging is a closed-loop system. This means that the paper can be recycled and used many times without losing its quality. This makes recyclable paper packaging a smart, sustainable choice.

Why Choose Recyclable Paper Packaging?

You can probably think of quite a few reasons why you should switch to recyclable products and packaging now that you know its life cycle! The most notable reasons why everyone should start using this type of packaging are:

  • It’s Better For The World. Simply put, recycling products is better for the world. The recycling process significantly cuts down on the need to collect new raw materials. As in, fewer trees need to be cut down because the paper we already use can be reused over and over.
  • Reduces Pollution. Producing and processing brand-new products can cause pollution, depending on what is being created and the ways that they’re being manufactured. Therefore, shortening the creation process for paper packaging by reusing materials can reduce pollution.
  • Saves Energy And Water. The recycling process actually uses a lot less energy and water when compared to creating new products from raw materials.

Along with these very good reasons, recycling packaging is just easy. The fantastic recyclable paper bags we provide at Ember Sustainable Packaging meet the Australian and New Zealand paper recycling standards. This means that you can easily dispose of your used packaging in local recycling bins without a second thought.

How You Can Invest In Excellent, Eco-Friendly Packaging For Your Business

Using recyclable packaging is a great way to help the environment while still enjoying quality. It might seem like a small step, but it can make a huge difference. Are you ready to do your part for the world? Then your next step is easy - see our recyclable bag selection at Ember Sustainable Packaging.

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We also have compostable packaging that can be processed at home in a worm farm or compost bin. Either way, choosing sustainable packaging makes your business look better and shows that you care about the world.

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