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How To Make Your Packaging More Eco-Friendly: The Benefits Of Recyclable Materials

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So many modern businesses are making their packaging more eco-friendly for the benefit of their customers, the world and themselves - so you might be wondering, how can you join them? The shift towards recyclable packaging not only aligns with consumers' expectations but also contributes to a healthier future for us all.

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps that clever companies can make to transition from single-use packaging to smarter, recyclable paper packaging. These steps can help you make the process smoother, more successful and more profitable.

What To Consider As You Find The Right Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution For Your NZ Company

Plenty of other eco-conscious businesses have taken steps to be more environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in joining the fight for a better tomorrow, consider these crucial steps:

Conduct Thorough Research. Making your packaging more eco-friendly begins with thorough, thoughtful research. Understand the types of solutions available and assess their suitability for your specific products. Think about things like durability, cost and environmental impact.

Additionally, you should also educate yourself. Ensure you fully understand the recycling process before purchasing any recyclable packaging. This will help you gain confidence in the practices you’re supporting and will help you educate your team.

Start Small: Try Samples And Conduct Tests. Embarking on the path of eco-friendly packaging doesn’t require an all-encompassing overhaul. Although you may be tempted to make big moves right away, especially after you learn more about the serious harm that single-use packaging is causing to the world, big moves made too fast can often lead to problems.

Instead, try to start small. Buy sample packs and test out the recyclable packaging yourself. Try to think of the packaging you’re looking at from a business and a consumer perspective. Are they a good match for your goods? If you were a buyer, would you be happy with them?

Furthermore, even if you have full confidence in the packaging you sampled, make sure you don’t completely switch all of your packaging right away. Trying to make an overnight change can be frustrating and confusing, so envision smaller steps instead. You could start by switching the packaging for one kind of product you sell and see how that goes. Then, you can steadily transition all of your products into being packaged smartly.

Educate Your Team. Internal alignment is crucial when making any kind of switch in business. Educate your team about the benefits of recyclable packaging and the long-term positive impact on the environment. Create awareness about the importance of the process, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability within your team.

Encourage open communication, address any concerns that anyone has and involve your team in the decision-making process to ensure a smooth and unified transition. Together, you can make your change a total success.

Educate Your Customers. Along with speaking with your team, you must also communicate your changes to your treasured customers. Communication is paramount when making changes to your packaging, especially if it affects how your customers can dispose of your products.

Educate your customers about your switch to recyclable packaging. Highlight the positive environmental impact of your decision and emphasise their role in sustainable consumption. Additionally, give easy-to-follow instructions on how they can and should dispose of your product’s packaging.

You can spread the word about your new recyclable packaging in quite a few ways. You can write about it on your company’s website, post about it on your social media accounts, put it into ad campaigns and even have it printed directly onto your new packaging.

Search For Personalisation Options. Having eye-catching yet straightforward packaging is extremely important if you want your products to get attention.  Search for suppliers that offer personalisation options, allowing you to customise your packaging with your brand elements.

This helps you not only align with your brand identity but also create a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

Be sure you look for customisation options that don’t compromise the eco-friendliness of your packaging. For example, if you’re interested in compostable packaging, make sure the ink used on your bags is non-toxic and compostable.

A Few Important Benefits Of Recyclable Paper Packaging That You Should Know About

Switching to recyclable packaging may seem like heaps of hard work, but it has plenty of benefits:

  • For Your Business: Eco-friendliness simply makes your brand look good. Your customers will see you as an eco-conscious brand that doesn’t just care about money but also cares about New Zealand and the world on a deeper level. This enhanced view can lead to more sales and more profits.
  • For Your Customers: People in New Zealand and worldwide are always looking for new, straightforward ways to be better for the world. Using recyclable packaging gives them an easy way to support good practices while still enjoying top-notch products.
  • For The World: Of course, recyclable paper packaging is a smart choice for the world we all love. Recycling means less material waste and more energy efficiency. This choice may seem small, but it can have a magnificent positive impact on the future.

How You Can Start Your Eco-Friendly Journey

Switching to recyclable packaging may seem difficult, but we at Ember Sustainable Packaging are here to help. We offer recyclable paper packaging and home compostable packaging, and we’d love to help you find the best option for your quality goods.

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