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Coffee bags: what are they and why are they popular?

Coffee bags: what are they and why are they popular?


Coffee. It’s something that so many New Zealand adults, and people all over the globe, drink and enjoy every single day. Any coffee-lover will tell you that there are countless different types of coffee out there, and the best way to package NZ coffee is in excellent coffee bags. 

These bags are specifically designed to hold coffee. They can seal in the flavour and protect the beans and grounds until you’re ready to enjoy your delicious hot beverage. 

However, have you ever wondered what makes coffee bags so special? Why can’t a regular bag be enough? Plus, what kind of coffee bag should you select for your coffee? Your customers will surely notice if you use low-quality packaging for your delicious coffee, but if you use the best bags available, they’ll notice how freshly flavourful your coffee is.

What Are Econic Coffee Bags?

Econic coffee bags are a fantastic choice for NZ coffee sellers because they’re designed to keep your coffee as fresh and tasty as possible while being a very smart choice for you and the world. 

Our coffee bags are made of high-quality materials, designed to seal in freshness, are customisable and are even compostable. They’re certainly an exceptional choice for any coffee seller who cares about quality and smart, eco-friendly options.

Why Should I Choose Econic Coffee Bags For My Coffee?

Why choose Econic for your packaging needs? The answer to that question is easy! Our coffee bags have these qualities that make them stand out from the competition:

They’re Compostable. Making wholesome, environmentally-friendly choices has rightfully become a bigger concern for people all over the world. Both sellers and consumers want to make good choices to be better for the earth and protect the environment. 

So, using our compostable NZ coffee bags is a smart choice from a business and eco-friendly standpoint. Not only are you doing your part to shift the world to sustainable packaging, but you’re also showing your customers that you care about the world we all live in. You, and your customers, can feel good while enjoying unbelievably delicious coffee. 

However, don’t think the bags being compostable means they’re weaker than other, non-compostable bags. No, our Econic bags are designed to last. They’re durable and sturdy enough to keep your product safe until they reach your thirsty customers. 

After enjoying your coffee, they can put their empty bags in their home’s compost bin.

They’re Available In A Large Variety Of Colours And Sizes. Our NZ coffee bags are available in quite a few options, so you’ll certainly find a package that fits your needs. We have packs of bags that come in different quantities and sizes so that you can select one that matches your business. 

If you’re still unsure about choosing our products, we invite you to try our sample packThis pack allows you to see the wonderful quality and feel of our bags without committing to a larger order right away. 

They’re Designed To Keep Your Coffee Fresh. Along with looking fantastic and feeling sturdy, our bags are also specially designed to keep your coffee fresh. No one wants to order coffee beans or grounds only for them to show up stale and tasteless. 

If you choose our excellent NZ coffee bags, your customers can enjoy coffee that tastes like you brewed it for them yourself from freshly-ground beans. Our bags have airtight seals to prevent moisture and air from entering and impacting your coffee, and they also have a one-way valve that lets CO2 gas vent out of the bag without allowing air in. 

This one-way vent is important because CO2 buildup can negatively alter the flavour of your coffee. They’re Customisable. What’s better for brand recognition than showing off your beautifully-designed company logo? Your business’s beautiful logo can be printed onto your Econic coffee bags. You can also have other info printed onto your bags, like nutrition facts or additional pertinent information. 

Our printing makes your NZ coffee bags look intriguing and will surely catch the eyes of potential customers. Plus, the ink we use is non-toxic, so it does not affect your bags’ compostability at all. Why mess with stickers or labels when you can have your wonderful logo printed directly onto your coffee bags?

I’m Ready To Order My Coffee Bags! Where Can I Shop?

Are you ready to boost your brand recognition while keeping your coffee delicious at the same time? Shop at Ember Sustainable Packaging to find coffee bags and packaging that keep your products fresh for your valued customers. 

Your choice of packaging is very important, and we’d be glad to answer any questions you have regarding our products. Call our team at +6421 555 204 if you’d like to speak to us today. 

Package your New Zealand coffee right with visually pleasing, compostable and dependable Econic coffee bags from Ember Sustainable Packaging.