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Beyond the Bin: A Guide to Understanding Recyclable Packaging

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The Earth deals with human-based problems every day, from harmful pollution degrading the quality of the air we breathe to plastic rings in the ocean that threaten beautiful wildlife. These problems may seem terrifying and far too big for anyone to handle, but by choosing smarter options like recyclable packaging, we can all move towards a better future for every living thing on the planet.

What Is This Kind Of Packaging?

Recyclable paper packaging is just like standard paper packaging, but it’s specifically designed to be easy to recycle.

Standard packaging can be difficult to recycle due to its design, composition or anything else that would make sorting or processing it difficult. If a product is simply tossed out and not recycled, then that contributes to the demand to create new packaging from all-new materials, which will further contribute to pollution and the world’s waste problem.

At Ember Sustainable Packaging, we want to encourage recycling as much as we can. Our recyclable packaging is PREP certified, the Australian paper recycling standard. This means that you and your customers can toss your used recyclable paper packaging into local kerbside paper recycling bins without any fuss or extra steps.

Once it’s ready to be recycled, the paper packaging will be taken to a facility where it can be processed. The paper will be separated from its food-safe plastic lining, and both the paper and the plastic will be processed.

We also have compostable bags, which can be put in with your home’s compost bin or worm farm.

Why All Companies Should Consider Sustainable Packaging

Every company should consider using recyclable, compostable or otherwise eco-friendly packaging for their products because:

This Packaging Is Biodegradable. We’ve all heard horror stories of how long it takes standard non-recyclable plastic packaging to decompose, but have you ever realised just how long it takes certain products to fully biodegrade? A basic plastic bag can take around 20 years to fully break down - and plastic bottles can take 450 years.

And it doesn’t just end there - plastic will break down into microplastics, which can linger in the environment and negatively impact the world for even longer.

This is why choosing recyclable packaging is so important. Even if it’s not recycled as it should be, it won’t linger in the world for centuries.

Recycling Saves Energy. It takes less energy to recycle paper packaging than it does to create brand-new paper. Not only does recyclable paper packaging save materials, but it also saves energy and helps to reduce pollution.

You’ll Improve Your Reputation. Your customers will notice when you choose recyclable paper packaging and other eco-friendly choices. Making good choices for the world shows your customers that you care about more than money and profits. They’ll feel more connected to your brand, especially if they themselves value eco-friendliness, and they’ll see you in a better light.

A Tips You Should Know About When Switching To Recyclable Or Compostable Packaging

It’s clear to see that choosing sustainable packaging is a smart, beneficial choice. However, completely changing your company’s packaging isn’t easy.

These tips can help you transition from your current packaging to better, recyclable packaging:

Start Small. Although you might dream of using only recyclable or compostable packaging, it’s unrealistic to make this change all at once. Completely changing a major part of how your business works can be extremely challenging.

So, try to start small. You can start by using this packaging for one line of your products and see how that goes. Once you’re used to using the packaging and see that it’s going well, you can expand to other lines and eventually fully change to using only eco-friendly packaging.

Try The Products Yourself. Always test the products yourself to see if you like them. If you’re interested in our goods at Ember Sustainable Packaging, you can order from our sample packs section. These convenient packs allow you to see, feel and test our recyclable packaging yourself to confirm their quality.

Educate Your Customers And Your Staff. If you’re going to use eco-friendly packaging, make sure you spread the word. You can post about it on your website, your social media and any other place where you interact with your customers to let them know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

You could even have recycling instructions printed directly onto your custom packaging.

Take Another Step Towards A Better Future: Switch To Better Packaging

We encourage you to come and see our selection of recyclable paper packaging at Ember Sustainable Packaging. Using eco-friendly products is a great way to improve your business and be kind to the world.

You can contact our team on +6421 555 204 if you have any questions for us.

Make good choices and do your part to improve the future; get your recyclable packaging from Ember Sustainable Packaging.